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Social and Environmental Projects
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PROJET RADIO 1998 - 2009

A local radio stationFunded by the European Commission, DFID and national partners, the project has delivered information and non-formal education by radio to upwards of 800,000 rural listeners across the south of Madagascar - empowering local communities to help themselves by learning new ways to improve their food security, agricultural practises, fishing, land and forest management, health and well being - at a cost of less than a dollar per head per year. The project broadcast over 3000 educational broadcasts and set up five Regional Communications Networks.

Project Description (PDF)

Project Summary Factsheet (PDF)

DFID Evaluation

Project Radio Evaluation - English Version (PDF 7.58 Mb)

Project Radio Evaluation - French Version (PDF 1.55Mb)

Project Radio Evaluation Summary (PDF 352Kb)


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